These Policies, Requirements/CDC Guidelines apply to Fall 2020-Spring 2021 and may change in accordance with updated information from the CDC and/or the Marblehead Board of Health.

Temple Sinai - Ready for Dancers
Temple Sinai - Ready for Dancers
Temple Sinai - Ready for Dancers

Covid-19 regulations are listed here as part of our Kids In Motion Dance Studio (subsequently referred to as KIM) policies.  By registering your child for any classes provided by KIM, you are accepting and agreeing to adhere to and be in compliance with all policies in this document.  A copy of this document and a waiver must be signed before any child attends classes at KIM this year. For the safety and health of all, there will be no exceptions. Failure to follow policies may result in dismissal without refund, as KIM must prioritize the safety of ALL students and staff.


KIM, its instructors, staff, and volunteer helpers will not be held liable for personal injuries or damage to personal property while a child is a student participating in activities at or pertaining to the studio. KIM, instructors, staff, and volunteer helpers will not be held liable should any child/student fall ill.  It is the responsibility of any parent or person registering to inform KIM of any limitations or circumstances which may prevent the student’s full participation in class, as well as any illness that a child is experiencing.

If at any time it is in the best interest of teachers and students to stop in person dance classes, KIM’s new model will allow a full and seamless pivot to online classes with the same teachers working on the same dance techniques and routine that would have been taught in person. Possible reasons KIM would move to full online classes include, but are not limited to, State Covid-19 regulations and community outbreaks. Every effort will be made to resume in-person instruction as soon as it is designated as safe per Massachusetts State regulations and Marblehead’s Board of Health Department. 

Illness Procedures and Policies

  • Given symptoms of Covid-19 can be mild, particularly in children, there will be a strict illness policy.  Anyone showing the slightest sign of ANY illness including, but not limited to: headache, sore throat, cough, stomach issues and running nose OR who has a temperature greater than or equal to 100.4F, will not be allowed to take in-person classes and will be directed to the virtual, live option. 

  • Upon recovering from illness, anyone entering Temple Sinai (our new in-person class location) must be FEVER FREE for 72 hours without medication and COUGH FREE to attend in person. In addition, the student must not attend in-person classes if a family member has a fever within that timeframe.  In these circumstances, students will be directed to the virtual/live class option. 

  • ALL CDC protocols will be followed by KIM.

In-person class Procedures and Policies

  • KIM will REQUIRE mask wearing while in the building for ALL children until further notice.  The staff will also be REQUIRED to wear a mask/cloth face covering at all times.  ALL STUDENTS SHOULD HAVE A MASK IN THEIR POSSESSION TO WEAR regardless of age to enter and exit the building. If your child comes to the building without a mask, they will be asked to contact you to bring one and will not be able to enter/participate until they can cover their nose and mouth. 

  • KIM will require all students to social distance a minimum of 6 ft apart at all times.  The youngest dancers will be reminded periodically and/or whenever necessary and the older dancers will be expected to adhere to this policy.  Temple Sinai was chosen in due to their spacious accommodations.  KIM should be able to meet this requirement easily, except for the bathroom, where children will be allowed in one-at-a-time only due to space constraints. 

  • Please drop off all students at the outside door to Temple Sinai. The teacher, staff member or volunteer helper will come to the door to greet and dismiss the students.  Please be on time. Adults are encouraged to wait with younger children outside the door to the building entrance with social distancing practices in place until a staff person opens the door to guide the children inside for class in a line 6 ft apart.  Please let Miss Susie or Rebe know if you will be allowing your child to meet you at your car in the parking lot for pick up.

  • Parents will not be allowed in the building except for in the case of an emergency.  There will be no waiting area inside the building.  In the case that a parent does need to enter the building, they will also be required to wear a mask.

  • Dressing Areas are required to be closed by state: Students should arrive already dressed for classes and should be dropped off for dance with their dancewear already on. 

  • Bathrooms will be available. However, please have students go to the bathroom at home prior to arriving.

  • Hair must be done (e.g. ponytails) at home. Please wear the ponytail to school the day you have dance.

  • Please wash your hands and use the bathroom at home before entering the building.  If you have personal labelled hand sanitizer, please bring it with you in your dance bag.

  • All dance shoes should be brought in and kept in a bag.  Each child will have a 6 foot spaced- out spot to place their dance bag and belongings inside the dance room. 

  • Students will remove street shoes by their area in the dance room. All dance shoes are to be brought into the studio and put on inside the studio.  Do not put dance shoes on in the hallway.

  • Labeled water bottles should be brought to class as there will be no cups for sink water and no fountain. This personal water bottle will be kept with their belongings and can be accessed periodically during the class as directed by the staff, one at a time.

  • The floor will be marked 12 - 14 ft of social distance apart with large squares for each child to dance in.

  • In-person classes will be sized in accordance with state and federal guidelines. 

  • All surfaces, including but not limited to floor, bag storage area, and doors will be wiped down in between every class. 

  • The studio and bathrooms will be thoroughly cleaned nightly by building staff and periodically during our time at the studio.

  • All parents will need to sign a mandatory participation waiver before the start of dance whether the in-person or virtual option is chosen. 

Virtual Dance Procedures and Policies

  • KIM will be offering zoom live classes (classes taking place at the studio from your home) every week.  This option is for: those who do not feel comfortable returning to in-person class yet, those that need to quarantine or recover from illness, and for any in-person Covid-related cancelations as we enter flu season.  It is our intention that dances will continue to be worked on and a small group virtual performance will be offered to students to showcase their work online to family and friends.  Students can move from online to in-person dance in accordance with state and federal guidelines for in-person spacing.    

  • All parents will need to sign a mandatory participation waiver before the start of dance whether the in-person or virtual option is chosen.